Saturday 14th November 2009 - Married for 3234 days

Wedding Party Profiles

This is so you recognise the important people on the day - obviously you are all important in your own special way, but these lot are more important than you!

Wedding Party
The Wedding Party

Liz McGettigan
Liz McGettiganMy Mum - the best mum in the world ever! She has helped me arrange everything for the Wedding and managed to do so without once being Mumzilla! She is going to look lovely on the day and hopefully once we're married she'll calm down as she'll be one step closer to Grandchildren!!
Frank McGettigan
Frank McGettiganMy Dad - and the best dad in the world ever! If it wasn't for this man Tom and I would be in Gretna Green and you lot would be sitting at home in front of the telly on 14th November! He's a great man and he is very excited about the final bar bill!
Edith Talbot
Edith TalbotTom's Mum and as he would say - the best mum ever! I should make a mother-in-law joke here but I can't! Edith is lovely, welcoming and a really good laugh so I couldn't ask for better really! She is also clairvoyant as apparently she said that Tom and I would get married when she first saw us together (at the time I thought Tom was just for Christmas!)
David Talbot
David TalbotA staunch Newcastle fan so he won't be happy next season at all - I hope that gaining me as a daughter will make him smile though!! Although if he remembers me drunkenly falling in the bushes down the road from his house maybe not!!
Lucy McGettigan
Lucy McGettiganLucy is my sister and the one and only Bridesmaid. She is younger than me, taller than me and thinner than me - what she doesn't know is that her hair is going to be in ringlets and she won't be allowed to wear any make up! She picked her own dress and so decided the colour scheme for the whole wedding - it better look nice boots!
Stuart Campbell
Stuart CampbellThe Best Man - Stuart is Tom's old boss and as you can see a shy retiring sort. He absolutely does not want to be heckled terribly while doing his speech - that would be bad and wrong of all of you! He is very excited about dancing with Lucy (out of bounds stu - WAY out of bounds!)
Abigail Rogers
Abigail RogersThis little bundle of Gorgeousness is our niece and Goddaughter. She is going to be our Flowergirl and entirely steal the show in the cuteness stakes (Dammit!)
James Lawson
James LawsonAnd this little fella is going to be our pageboy! He is my cousin and is clearly almost too handsome for words! Many thanks to Duncan and Mel for the loan of their boy - it's a shame his brother Will is just that bit too little!
Paul and Mark McGettigan
Paul and Mark McGettiganMy Brothers, and two of the Ushers. They are both very very tall so if you get lost just look for their heads bobbing above the crowds and they will tell you where you need to go! They are looking forward to the end of their official duties and hitting the bar!
Craig Clark
Craig ClarkThe other Usher and Tom's Friend. He is not tall but will, I'm sure, be useful in other ways. When you see Craig on the day please get him a drink - if he has enough he'll sing an Elvis song for us!!!
Deborah and Paul Rogers
Deborah and Paul RogersTom's sister and brother-in-law - parents of Abigail and soon to be Parents of another. Deb will be VERY preggers at the wedding - there is a chance that the baby will be born a southerner!! Hurrah!!