Saturday 14th November 2009 - Married for 3234 days

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Even the guestbook is online - this is great because I am normally too drunk to write neatly by the time the book gets to me on the day!! We are so totally interactive!!!

Granny - 7 December 2009
A beautiful bride, a handsome groom, a lovely ceremony, a happy day was had by all! Best wedding we have ever attended. All our love, Granny and Granddad xxxx

Ayo Adebiyi - 16 November 2009
I could have danced all night....actually I think I did! What a great day. Hope you enjoyed it as much as the rest of us evidently did. Have a wonderful time in Bali. Love Ayo xx

Paula Ruiz - 12 November 2009
Best wishes to you both on the great day and for a very happy life together! I will be thinking of you on Saturday! XXX

susan & Richard - 9 November 2009
Thomas and Sarah enjoy your special day, always be good to one another, and care and take care of each other. This is also a special day for us especially Sue, it is wonderful to be able to celebrate this occasion with my true family.

Gill & Maurice - 5 November 2009
Sarah & Thomas How good of you to organise your wedding 5 minutes from our home. We look forward to a lovely day and best wishes to you both for a happy life together. Gill & Maurice PS Better get on with the Grand Children quick - Liz and Frank can't wait much longer!

brian tutte - 28 October 2009
best wishes to you both on your happy day all our love from uncle brian and tina

Great Aunt Patsy - 18 October 2009
Looking forward to the great day. Hope for lovely memories.

Andy - 9 September 2009
Do you realise that this is going to be the first wedding in the family, this side of the Irish Sea, since the Davis' tied the knot back in 1988 (why I was slimmer and still had some hair!) If that's not a reason for one massive craic (the wedding, not the hair) then I don't know what is! I promise not to shed any tears (unlike someone did at MY wedding...) The Davis mob..... XXXX

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