Saturday 14th November 2009 - Married for 3234 days

About Us


ThomasTommy is 30 years old and not the marrying type, however he has decided that he'll marry Sarah anyway and is slowly becoming accustomed to the idea!


SarahSarah is quite clearly going to be a wonderful wife - check out the photo if you don't believe me! 29 years old and fearful of growing old alone and smelling of cats she decided that Tommy would do because he had nice teeth!!

How we met...

In O'Neills in Harrow, we were drunk! Tom thought Sarah would do for a short time, I forgot he was blond and Northern!

The proposal...

It would have been lovely if Sarah hadn't ruined it! It was the weather!!
Tom had planned to propose at the top of the Empire State Building, but Sarah, despite Tom's insistance, refused to pay $20 to go up there in the fog. Tom decided that he could settle for Central Park, however it then started raining and Sarah, despite Tom's insistance, refused to go to Central Park in the rain. So we went to the pub to watch the football, went back to the hotel to get changed and Tom just got it over and done with then and there - in his boxer shorts! Sarah didn't believe him at first but turned into a right girl when she realised it was true and cried like a baby and phoned her mum!